Saturday, October 25, 2008

New training schedule

I am reading the Runner's Worlds Complete Book of Women's Running right now and I am learning so much about training and pacing out my runs. In the book is an intermediate running program that fits well with my schedule as of now. My knee is still giving me trouble but it is by no means hindering me from running.  I am going to need to go slow in the beginning and make sure I ice my knee after my runs but I think if I take this approach that I should be back to normal within a few weeks. I worked out over our vacation and did well. The elliptical and bike worked well with my knee and I kept my runs light and steady.  

My first race is now 11 weeks away so I have more than enough time to make sure I train properly giving my knee time to heal. As far as my weight training schedule I will be lifting 2-3 days a week and will switch my program from heavy to light lifting every few weeks as usual.  

Training schedule - October 27th - November 2nd 
  • Monday -  30 min Run 
  • Tuesday -  Heavy weights - Full body weight training along with 20 mins of elliptical intervals. 
  • Wednesday - OFF 
  • Thursday - Heavy weights - Full body weight training along with 20 mins of elliptical intervals. 
  • Friday -   35 min Run 
  • Saturday -  Lighter weights circuit - Full body weight training along with a 30 min Run 
  • Sunday - OFF

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