Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Workout results 2/9

Another good day. My morning walk was so slow I think I set a record for the slowest human on earth! To make up for that my afternoon walk was fantastic, though I pushed it a bit too hard. I was walking STRONG and I looked down at my Garmin and I was walking just under a 13 min mile, then I slowed it down to a 15:30 mm and after I started feeling tired, I had to REALLY slow it down, but my mile time was still 17:58 followed by a slow walk as a cool down. The problem was that I did TOO much. After my walk I started having BAD contractions while at the grocery store. They helped me carry my bags out as I could not do it, I was hurting too much. I am fine now but I need to watch how fast I walk. I ended up getting in a good 62 mins in today which I am happy with! I hope to do the same tomorrow.

I am resting tonight, maybe watching a movie then a nice bath and off to bed! I feel good though, as if I did my best today and for that I am proud!

Fitness - 62 min walk
Calories consumed - 1,677
Fiber - 81 grams
Protein - 155 grams
Water - only 64 oz today, will get the rest in before bed. Last night I reached my goal and drank 138 oz.

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Anonymous said...

Jen, it's so fascinating and joyful for me to follow your pregnancy. My husband and I lost a baby earlier this year and will be trying to get pregnant again this summer/fall. I can't wait, and I feel like I'm watching a preview of what I will be going through! Thanks for sharing your stories.