Saturday, February 13, 2010

Workout results 2/12 - Day one of The Mommy to Be Olympic Challenge!

Well yesterday was not the killer start that I hoped for. Everything was fine during the day, I was so excited because my husband was flying home from being away for a week in Norway on business. I had prepared Chicken Gumbo, Cole Slaw and Cranberry bread for dinner. I went out and got ballons, a welcome home banner, the works!

He made it home safe and it was so wonderful when he walked through the door, however things took a turn when I was finishing dinner I started to feel very nauseated. It got worse and the next thing I knew I was running to the bathroom VERY sick. Isn't that a romantic welcome home?

I was not able to eat the Gumbo I made for him as the smell was making me sick. It felt as if I was in the first trimester of my pregnancy or something. I was not feeling well all night. I went to bed around 9 and then was up again to see the end of the opening ceremonies.

This morning I feel better so I am not sure what happened last night but it was NOT fun. Fortunately my husband was there to help which made it easier to get through. So as I said it was not the bombastic start of my challenge that I wanted nor was it the romantic welcome home I had planned but these things happen in life and you just have to laugh about it and move on.

Here are the results from Day 1 - Though not very impressive....

Fitness - 0 mins
Nutrition - 1,571 calories consumed - Goal reached!
Fiber - 66 grams
Protein - 124 grams
Water intake - 64 oz - NOT GOOD! Need more today.


Teresa said...

Not impressive? Pish-posh! To be this far along in your pregnancy and continue to stay so active is incredibly impressive! An extra rest day is to be expected - your making another person, that can be tiring ;) Keep up the great work!

Cheryl said...

I eat 1500 cals a day and I am starving!! HOw do you do it!!!
Your body is readjusting...glad you feel better!