Thursday, February 11, 2010

Workout results 2/11

Today was my Moms birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!! 55 never looked SO good!!!

She amazes me. She gets up almost every morning at around 4:30 and goes for a run, usually about an hour. She is as cute as she can be and FULL OF ENERGY! I only hope I can have the quality of life that she does when I am her age. What example of health and wellness she has been to me. Even when I gained all my weight in college she stuck by me and motivated me to keep working on loosing it. She is my best friend and someone I look up to more than she may know.

My day as good, but I will be honest, I felt VERY pregnant today. I was tired and hungry all day. I did get my walk in this morning but it was short, only 26 mins. Then I did some light yoga and ST. I gave it my all but it was a hard day for sure. My caloric intake was good and I did well with my water but my energy was just not there. That is ok though, tomorrow is a new day! After a good nights rest, I will be ready to start day one of the Mommy to be Olympics! I am excited about it!! I am 32 weeks pregnant today and I cannot think of a better way to start this next month of pregnancy that a fitness challenge!

Have a blessed evening!!

Fitness - 26 min walk and 10 mins of yoga and ST
Calories consumed - 1,736
Fiber - 59 grams
Protein - 140 grams
Water - 128 oz

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Nicole @ Let Them Eat Lettuce said...

Good for you for keeping it up even when the tired/hungry takes over. I'm not even pregnant and I've been letting those feelings take over a bit too much lately!

I switched my blog, so if you get a chance come stop by! :)