Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Workout results 2/8

I did well today. I walked SLOW and I do mean slow but I managed to get in 66 mins and for that I am happy. I was so excited today shopping at the Baby Gap! I bought several maternity items including one pair of bootcut jeans in a size 8 and another pair of capri jeans in a size 6! SOOOOO happy about this! I have been able to keep my pregnancy size despite this massive belly I have now. I am really starting to feel pregnant. I know that sounds funny but my belly is getting HUGE and feels very heavy. I feel sometimes if I stand still that I will fall forward because of the weight in front of me! LOL!

My evening walk was an adventure to say the least. The sky turned very dark followed by lighting and then the wind started picking up. I walked as fast as I could home and by the time I walked into the door the rain started POURING and it started to hail. I am NOT kidding. I made it JUST in time. Thank goodness. Why does this always happen when my husband is away. My dog is officially freaking out and SO scared because of the storm. Needless to say we are staying in for the night.

Calories consumed - 1,517
Fiber - 54 grams
Protein - 120 grams
Water - 138 oz

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Anonymous said...

I have been following you for a while both on Spark and here. Your journey is inspirational and amazing.

I love following your pregnancy blog. My sons are now 12 and almost 15...where did the time go...? I loved being pregnant. Every second was magical. Both times. I had my second son at almost 40, (he was born Jan 5th and my BD is Feb 25th) so it was extra special and a little bittersweet. Though, I didn't fully acknowledge it at the time, I knew it would probably be my last pregnancy. My first son was conceived after a long period of trying to get pregnant. A miscarriage scare in the beginning gave my first pregnancy its own uniqueness. I have loved every minute of being a mom. Yes, even the "teen and tween" years have their own magic. I wish you much joy and happiness. And thanks for the memories :)