Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Workout results 2/1 and Goals for 2/2

Workout results 2/1 - NOT GOOD! I did not get my workout in, well I walked for 15 mins but that is all. BAD BAD MOMMA! I did do well with my calories. Today is a new day with a fresh start and I WILL get my 60 mins of walking in today! NO EXCUSES! My problem was yesterday I got a prenatal massage before finishing my workout. Well after the massage I was SO relaxed the last thing I wanted to do was walk!

Fitness - 15 min walk
Calories consumed - 1,526
Fruits and Veggies - only one serving
Fiber - 53 grams
Protein - 123 grams
Water - 100 oz

Ok, so for today! I am going to get my walk in before doing anything else! I am going to take my water bottle with me so that I can make sure I get in my 128 oz, and I am going to eat fruits and veggies in between meals to make sure I get my 5 servings in. My 31 week doctors apt is one week from today and I want to make sure I get another good report!

Goals for 2/2 -
1. Stay within calorie range - 1,500 - 1,800
2. Drink 128 oz of water
3. Eat at least 5 servings of fruits and veggies
4. Fiber intake at least 35 grams
5. Protein intake at least 90 grams
6. Walk at least 60 mins


Cheryl said...

just keep movin! You do deserve rest time, be easy on yourself!

Becca's Dirt said...

You are doing so well Jen. I love the phots you and hubby took in the bathroom. Can't tell it's the bathroom though.

Get plenty of rest. It is important.

DegreeFinders said...

Well, you did well with your calories, so maybe the day was a little good. Besides, walking for fifteen minutes is better than no activity at all. Just keep going and look at everyday positively while assessing how you can improve for the next day. It's less discouraging than looking at what you didn't do.

Best wishes on your weight loss journey.