Sunday, February 08, 2009

Leaving Russia sooner than we thought!

I cannot tell you how excited I am right now. We are leaving Russia sooner than we first had planned!! My husband has a business trip in Norway, so we are going to now leave Feb 20th and fly to Norway for a few days, then come back through to Moscow on the 25th. We will then spend one last night in Moscow seeing all the sights, then on the morning of Feb 26th, we fly from Moscow to Houston. I am super excited to be visiting Norway. The timing of everything has worked out quite well and as a result we now have only 11 days left here in Siberia!

Now, on to other matters, my workout plan. I did not do well this weekend with my exercise. We were busy with the house and time just passed me by. So, I once again have to regroup and treat this week as a new opportunity to start over and stay focused.

Goals for Monday 2/9 -

1. Drink at least 16 oz of water first thing in the morning before eating.
2. Take all vitamins and supplements
3. Cardio intervals at least 45 mins
4. Stretch/yoga at least 20 mins
5. Ice my knee at least 3 times
6. Log in all my foods for the day


Dee said...

Now don't start feeling guilty about missing your workout. You are about to be right back on track. It is great you are going to be back in Texas. I am about 120 miles north of you.

Krissa said...


Bren said...

LOVE IT! Great job as always on the new layout. Enjoy your day and workout time! The time is going to pass so quickly.

erin said...

I'm with Dee; I'm sure you'll be right back on track when things are settled, and moving boxes definitely can burn some calories! I can't wait to hear all about your new journeys in the U.S.

Jen's Journey said...

Thanks guys, 11 days and counting!!!

Dee - we are going to be so close! I was happy to learn that my parents are now only a 3 hour drive away!

Have a great day!