Sunday, June 23, 2013

Schedule for this week...

I am doing well, crazy sore from all the workouts this past week but doing well :)

Here is my fitness schedule for this next week. I am also very excited because the next phase of my Greece Goals starts this week on Tuesday through July 5th!! I will be focusing on juicing, blending, lots of fruits and veggies, fish and lean proteins.

Fitness Schedule for this week -

Monday - Yoga Max
Tuesday - AM Spin class followed by an ST circuit.
Wednesday - PM Spin class
Thursday - ST circuit with incline tread intervals
Friday - PM Spin Class
Saturday - ST circuit
Sunday - Rest

MUST STAY STRONG!!! Think Greece :) :) :) 27 days to go!!

Blessings to all. Have a wonderful and sucessful week!


Karla said...

I read your blog and your Facebook and always think ... "she has a fairy tale life"

Love the plan :)

Jen's Journey said...

Sweet of you to say! :)

Thanks for the support!!

Kay atGoalofLosing said...

Great plan! You can do it!