Friday, April 27, 2012

Birthday Marathon.....

"And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose." -Romans 8:28

                               Running up Arthur's Seat in Edinburgh, September 2011. 

I have finally decided to stop being stubborn and to realize that I need to be healthy if I want to remain a runner for life! As one of my Spark friends is the difference between a runner for life and a once in a lifetime runner! I am stepping away from my birthday marathon as I truly feel that this injury has left me unprepared and I must do what my heart is telling me to do. 

So for now, I will be continuing my PT weekly, we are having an MRI of my knee to determine if the Bakers can be removed through extracting the fluid or if I will need to have it removed via surgery. I am reading a few books on Marathon training to increase my knowledge, stretching FAR more than before and I am starting to incorporate Yoga and Pilates in my weekly routines. 

My next scheduled race is The Oslo Marathon, September 22st and I plan on doing the Stavanger Marathon, September 1st but just as a training run (walking/running) to prepare me for Oslo. I feel very good about this schedule and I feel I can come back strong, healthy and ready to finally cross that finish line!! 

I am starting a challenge today as it is one month from my birthday which is May 27th!! See, I may be injured but I can still be working towards a goal :) NEVER stop reaching! Even if you original plan as been sidelined, it is ok. Find a new goal, a new challenge to take you one step further to your ultimate dream!! 

35th birthday challenge.....

Goals - Complete 3,500 military pushups - NO knees! You guys know me, I LOVE pushups! They are my favorite ST workout!! Since I cannot increase my mileage due to my knee/calf, I need to focus on ST once again. So I am back to doing what I love and I have seen work for me in the past. PUSH UPS!! I am almost at 300 reps for this week but the count starts over as of today!! 

The reps can include......close grip, diamond, low incline, spiderman, dive bomber, staggered hands, wide fly, standard, walking, inchworm, walking spiderman, T-plank.....but NOTHING on my knees. 

Thanks as always for the motivation, support and help you all have provided me. 


Angela said...

Do what you have to! I wasn't able to complete the marathon I signed up for in March either and chose to just do the half. Best move ever!

Did you see the new book I got on my blog? Its a running book that has you only running 3 days a week. Going to use it for my marathon in October. They say they have less occurrance of overuse injuries. Might be good for you. Link:


momof11 said...

Jen-you are my pushup hero!!! What a great goal! and smart move on the marathon. I'm sure you'll be blessed with all that you need to feel confident that it's the best decision for you. And those others in Sept. will be awesome b/c you'll be healed and healthy!!!