Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Veggies, Beans and Grains......Happy to be back :)

So very happy to be back eating the way I love! It just feels right. Here is a look at yesterdays Fuel....

Looking forward to posting my daily results once again. It has been too long.

Oats, chia seeds, flaxseeds, apple, almonds with soy milk

Spinach, carrot, celery, cucumber, ginger and lemon......YUMMY!

Vegan chili with broccoli and spinach with brown rice

Chia seeds, coconut flakes, ground flax and water chilled for an amazing snack!

Dinner I made for my husband ( I had left overs from lunch with avocado)....this was a Vegan Chana Dal...very good!

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Tigerlilly said...

I was so happy to see your post today! I am in desperate need of some new recipes and all of this looks delicious! Could you give me the recipes!! The snack looks delicious :)