Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Results of our November 1st Challenge!!!

New 10 day challenge totals - 

Jen - Miles - 64.91/ 100
Push ups - 1,005 /1,000

Micah - Miles - 101.90/100
Pushups - 1,000/1,000................WAY TO GO BABY!!!!

Well needless to say my husband won the challenge and to be honest, I am SO proud of him! I have set several challenges in the past and he has joined me but never has he won, until now!! I need to step up my game ;) We are starting our new challenge today ( see yesterdays blog ) and we are excited about the changes we will see this next month. 

I am not aiming for strictly weight loss this month but instead focusing on my miles and making sure my diet is spot on! I took my starting measurements this morning and I am hoping to see a few inches gone by the end of the month - through hard work, I think it will be possible! 

Here are a few photos from the past couple of days....food, fun and fitness! 

Here was my husband last night on his final ride to meet his 100 miles in 10 days total. I love that we workout together. He is the most supportive, amazing gift to my daughter and I......proud of you Daddy!

I missed the mark on my miles but I did reach my push up goal!!

Snack - Raw fennel, grapefruit, tomatoes and my LACV drink

Fresh fennel, ginger, cucumber and celery juice

More juice this mix with carrots, fennel, apple, ginger, cucumber, celery.....

Strawberry, mango protein shake with Warrior food and Metabolic reset

1/2 avocado, apple and 1/2 pita for a pre dinner snack

Oats, oatbran, wheat germ, berries and chia seeds with soy milk

LACV with aloe and RWK Just cranberry juice

Blueberry and Vega Greens Smoothie!

Oatbran, chia and berry oatmeal

HUGE treat for us!!! Rewarding our selves with greek yogurt, 100% dark chocolate pieces, fresh berries and Bare Naked Granola! SOOOO GOOOD!!! We ate this in bed on Saturday night after Micah's 20 mile bike ride my crazy awesome 8 mile hill run.

Salmon, butternut squash, avocado with nappa cabbage salad

Protein, egg white and pumpkin pancakes with applesauce and honey with a pumpkin, soy protein shake! YUMMY!! This was to die for - HUGE treat!!

I do not have juice in the house - with the exception for the RWK Just Cranberry juice but that does not count as it is so bitter! LOL. I always LOVE making wassail this time of year so the other night I made a glass and it was like having a dessert! WOW!!! Organic apple cider - unsweetened with mulling spices..........Mercy me it was amazing!

Bison and black bean chili with Ezekiel tortillas toasted and avocado to top!

Wheat berry and nappa cabbage salad

Ezekiel bread with natural PB and all natural Eden Organic apple butter from whole foods..... my favorite!

1 piece of EZ bread with no salt, all natural turkey breast and sprouts with avocado

My precious girl and I at Whole Foods drinking our greens and beet shake with spirulina!!

She LOVES her greens!!! So happy she loves eating healthy, I am trying so hard to set a good example for her!

My angel girl all bundled up at Whole Foods, Mommy's favorite store!

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Christy said...

You and your hubby rock!

The Mrs said...

Congrats to you both! Good to see Micah kicked it up to give you some stiff competition! You are setting a wonderful example for your daughter. We should all be so lucky to have mothers who are healthy role models like you!

Czesia said...

Awwww so cute, love the pictures! Great job on your goals!

momof11 said...

Michaela is getting so BIG! LOVE the ponytails!!
Okay, Missy..I know you're busy but PLEASE share the pumpkin pancake recipe! and the pumpkin smoothie or shake...anything 'pumpkin' is my favorite!!!
Big high 5 to Micah on whooping your tiney hiney on this challegne!
PS-LOVE those pipes on you!