Thursday, November 17, 2011

Cathe to the rescue!! LOVE her new series!!!

I have been on another Cathe kick as of late. I am excited about her new low impact series as it will be a great alternative to my runs and rides on days I still need a push.

Here are the following DVD's I have just purchased and will be starting soon, the first two should be delivered today!! 

Slide and Glide 
Cardio Super Sets
Turbo Barre
Athletic Training
Total body tri sets 


Anonymous said...

I just bought her Total Body Tri-Sets Workout DVD just because I saw it here, on your blog!

dianem said...

I love Cathe! I've been doing her rotation of Low Intensity Series and STS workouts. Next week is recovery week. Yay! Love you blog and love that you're subscribed to Metabolic Mayhem on FB too! I'm following Amy's meal plan. :-)