Friday, November 11, 2011

Our little mini vacation weekend in Dallas!

I am finding that I am running severely behind in blogs as of late. Think about this, I have yet to write fully about our trip to Paris in May, the amazing Pacific coast trip in June, our wonderful trip to Scotland and England in September and the list goes on and on. I need to get with it and start blogging more!! The same goes for my private family blog where I have SOOOOO many photos of my baby girl  that I have never posted. Stories to share, memories to record and I am falling behind.

This next year will be an exciting one for us and I hope before the end of this year to have all the photos posted on our family photo gallery, have my fitness website updated with a weight loss gallery, FAQ's and other links. I am going to try my best to get this done.....maybe....hint, hint, with the help of a dear friend whose blog I just love and she is the coolest, most amazing friend in the world.......NATF!! :) Love ya girl....

Anyways, this past weekend was really and truly some of the best times my husband and I have had together! I cannot tell you the difference it has made now that Micah is as obsessed about fitness as I am. For our date nights we ran, biked and walked in some of the beautiful areas around Dallas. Before we would have gone to a movie and then a nice restaurant but now things have changed. We find ourselves craving to be fit, to be active together, to eat healthier and to find restaurants where we can try new things like Vegan dishes or raw foods. Now, yes, before I say another word we DID go to our FAVORITE Indian food restaurant - Indian Palace on Preston in North Dallas.  That is one place I refuse to give up!!!! Their fish curries and vegetarian dishes are amazing and I say this having tasted some of the best Indian food in countries all around the world so trust me, there CAN be an Indian restaurant in Dallas, Texas of all places that is one of the best. Ok....back on subject, my mouth is watering! LOL!

My husband's commitment to fitness is something I always longed for. When we were living in Russia and I was losing all my weight, he was so busy working there he did not take the time to care for his health. He was the most supportive man I could have prayed for but fitness and eating healthy was not his thing. NOW, he has completely changed! I find him asking me to make his Vitamineral Green drink, telling me we need to go to the store to get more Kale and Spinach to juice for dinner! Seriously, juicing for dinner???? How can this be the same man who used to just want steak!  I am so proud of him, I really do not have the words to convey just how proud I am of my partner and best friend for life. HE inspires me! I know he will tell you it is the other way around but truly, the difference he has made in his life really does inspire me. He has taken a hold of his health and is willing to do whatever he can to be around as long as he can for his family and I am forever grateful.

Now, back to the weekend blog! While gone we stayed on track with our fitness and our daily routine of greens! My dad even made an amazing veggie and fruit mix for us one morning from their Vitamix. Thanks Dad!! It was so great!

After saying goodbye to our baby girl, we headed to one of my favorite areas of town. The Highland park/ Turtle Creek area.  I could walk forever throughout the neighborhoods there as the homes are stunning! The creek and surrounding area is perfect for running, it is where the White Rock Marathon goes through each year. Anyways, we started off walking then I ran and did quite well - 4.6 miles of glorious running in cool weather! It was nice to run without the stroller for a change.....and much faster I might add, but I did miss my little running buddy starring up at me from the BOB.

                                                                  RUN JENNY RUN!!

After our run we headed to one of our favorite go to restaurants each time we come to Dallas - The Dream Cafe!! Great, great place! I always ask for a thousand substitutions when I dine out and they are so accommodating - I love it! We had egg whites with brown rice and black beans along with steel cut oats with blueberries and banana, and for a treat we had a whole wheat blueberry pancake with pure maple syrup!!

After our amazing meal we headed to North Park Mall and did a bit of shopping before my hair appt. Then we were off to White Rock Lake to get in some good biking.  Now, I have to say my husband has a slight advantage over me in that this is where he grew up. His family lives right off of the lake so we were going into his territory, yes, that is why he smoked me on the bike. It is my story and I am sticking to it!! ;)

We had a great 20 mile ride, and yes, he won big time!! After this we headed to the Indian restaurant for dinner. I had the Baigan Bhurta, which is baked eggplant with spices and the Aloo Gobi which is spicy potatoes and cauliflower........SOOOOO GOOD!! My husband had their Salmon curry, one of the best we have had! I cannot wait until the week of Thanksgiving so we can go back. Crazy good I tell you.......

Over the weekend we biked and ran/walked over 60 miles and shared some priceless memories together! It felt as if we were on vacation going around from place to place, shopping, working out and having such a great time. I will never forget it.

The last day we met my parents over across town and toured the Dallas Arboretum as they were having a special fall exhibit with pumpkins galore! We have some adorable pics from our visit there. I hope to have more up soon, butthey are on my Dad's camera so for now here are a few we took with the phone....

Seriously, is she not the cutest pumpkin ever!! Love her so!

We owe a great deal to our parents who so lovingly care for our baby girl. Their time with her is priceless and we are so thankful for all they do. And now, I am ready for another date weekend! Thanksgiving week we are heading back to Dallas and maybe a flight out to a special place for a little extra getaway while Grandma and Grandpa have more Kayla time!


The Mrs said...

What a wonderful weekend you had! Those pics are great and love the one of the nugget in her pumpkin costume! Isn't it amazing to have your hubby on the journey with you? Cheering you on is a good thing of course but there is nothing like having them by your side and going through the same things and sharing the same challenges only to overcome them.

You know I'll help you however I can with the site dear friend! I know there is much to do with not a lot of time to focus on this over the next while, so shoot me an email and we can talk!

Czesia said...

She really is the cutest pumpkin!!! Adorable!! I can't wait to read up on your other site! I'm so glad you found my blog, so I could find YOUR blog :) :) :)