Sunday, November 13, 2011

Determined to burn this fat OFF! Workout results for the weekend....

Killer workout weekend! I am sore but feel great.

On Saturday I did an 8 mile hill run that was set to be an LSD run but I kicked up the pace somewhat. I wish I would have gone a bit faster as my AP was 10:03 and that just bugs me to death. I want it in the 9' time!! The hills were great and proved to be the perfect combination I needed to end a solid week.  Here were my splits......

8 mile hill run - AP 10:03
1:20.28 mins

M1 - 11:01
M2 -  10:49
M3 -  10:30
M4 -  9:36
M5 -  9:45
M6 - 9:58
M7 - 9:45
M8 - 9:00

Today I did another 5 mile run followed by ST......

5 mile run - AP 9:46
48:49 mins

M1 -  10:57
M2 -  10:05
M3 -  9:25
M4-  9:13
M5 - 9:07

After my run I started my ST and additional cardio. I did part of the Cathe HIIT DVD pyramid and 40/20 segments along with this I ran 1 mile of sprint intervals in between push ups and MB throw sets. The run plus the HIIT workout and then the ST was a killer combo.......will be doing this again SOON!

Short ST workout -

1 mile run of sprint intervals
Push ups - 100 reps
TRX tricep work and dip combo - 100 hard I loved this!! NO stop between TRX and dips!
Medicine Ball throw downs with a 10 lb MB - 100 reps
Crunch and oblique work - 200 reps

Quick Drop Set Workout for Arms, Back and Shoulders.

What are drop sets? Here is an example........My Two arm bicep curls........Start with 20 lbs DB's in each hand and complete set then switch to 10 lb DB's in each hand - Start with your heavy weight then immediately go to the lighter weight and then back to heavy but dropping the reps by half, in the end you will have done 4 sets. DO NOT REST between the high and low - it is supposed to give you a burnout.........and it does!

Two arm bicep curls - 20 lb DB's / 10 lb DB's
Set 1 -12 reps with 20 lb DB's then drop to 10 lb DB's - 30 reps
Set 2 - 6 reps with 20 lb DBs then drop to 10 lb DB's -  15 reps

Bent over rows - One 30 lb DB/ One 20 lb DB
Set 1 - 10 reps with 30 lb DB then drop to 20 lb DB for  20 reps
Set 2 - 5 reps with 30 lb DB then drop to the 20 lb DB for 10 reps........repeat for each arm

DB Wood Chops - 20 lb DB/ 10 lb DB
Set 1 - 30 reps with 20 lb DB then drop to 10 lb DB for 50 reps
Set 2 - 15 reps with 20 lb DB  then drop to 10 lb DB for 25 reps

For those interested here is a link to the Cathe HIIT DVD I did today..........GREAT BURN!

My schedule for this next week is as follows.........

Monday - Rest day but still getting in a 3 walk
Tuesday - Strength Training, 3 mile walk
Wednesday - 6 mile morning run
Thursday - Strength Training, 3 mile walk
Friday -  Rest day
Saturday - 9 mile run and Strength Training
Sunday -  3 mile easy run

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