Friday, August 14, 2009

Workout Results 8/14

My back was feeling much better today. I took it easy and walked twice today covering a total distance of 3.14 miles, not much but I am happy I was able to get out and at least do something. I still cannot believe I hurt my back but I cannot dwell on that but instead I want to focus on what I did right for today! I drank my water, did my PT exercises and I walked outside, staying active instead of sitting on the couch! Today is a mix of small victories but to me, they mean a great deal!

I hope everyone has a blessed and productive weekend!

Goals achieved for the day -
1. Use my foam roller 3 times - DONE!
2. Ice 2 times a day - DONE!
3. Yoga for at least 30 mins - DONE!
4. Drink 1 gallon - DONE!
5. Complete scheduled run - Did not do
6. Log foods each day - DONE!!

Totals for the day -
Time - 3.14 miles of walking
Calories burned - 316
Calories consumed - 1,640

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