Monday, August 03, 2009

Goals for the week....

I will not be online much this week as I am out working in the yard, painting, and enjoying working on the house with my husband! I am doing well with my program and I have never been happier. I feel so alive and free compared to previous summers when I was so overweight. There is so much life out there to be lived and I intend to make the most out of each day!!! Only 32 more days before we leave for our trip to Singapore and Japan!!!! I want to loose a few more pounds before then, but most of all I am hoping to continue to go strong on my half training while there, that will be hard! I am taking my Garmin with me so I can keep track of my miles etc...Last week was good, I did a total of 14.15 miles, 8 miles of that was running. My times were good and my knee felt better. Even though I am busy this week and will not be online much, I do want to post my goals to remain accountable so here they are....

1. Work on PT exercises twice a day
2. Use my foam roller 3 times a day
3. Ice 2 times a day
4. Drink 1 gallon of water a day
5. Complete all runs for my half training - 10 miles for the week
6. Complete 200 pushup

Schedule of workouts -

Monday - Day off
Tuesday - Run 4 miles, ST upper body
Wednesday - 3 mile run with speed work, core and pilates
Thursday - Day off
Friday - 3 mile run, ST upper body
Saturday - Bike ride or walk - 60 mins
Sunday - Walk 60 mins


teacherwoman said...

It can be hard to train while traveling, but I know that if you really want to accomplish some good runs, you will make it work!

Marcelle said...

It's amazing how wonderful one feels after losing the weight that pulls one down. I also felt so slow and *dead* when overweight, now feel so light and full of live. Losing weight is so worth all the hard work.
Well done on what you achieved last week...
Good luck for the new one that lies ahead.

Sweety said...

Good luck with all your goals

Fran said...

I was in Turino two weeks ago and didn't bring my running shoes and clothes (didn't fit in our suitcase :) ) We've only been there for 5 days but I really missed it. Especially one night when we were dining somewhere which was on a road that was very popular for runners. So I saw all those people passing by and I really missed that I couldn't run there. So next time: the running outfit goes with my on holiday!

Your trip seems to be a beautiful one and good for you you're bringing your workout stuff with you then!

Jen's Journey said...

Thanks guys!!

Trainer T.s Fitness said...

Enjoy your time off with your DH and the summer.

Your a champ!

Kelley Moore said...

I just found your blog via Andy - Finding My Motivation. What a fantastic journey and such an inspiring blog you have! Wow. Can't wait to read more.