Sunday, March 29, 2009

Workout Schedule 3/30 - 4/5 -

We just returned from a fabulous weekend in Dallas visiting with our family. It is so wonderful living so close and not having to fly half way around the world to see everyone, it is quite a blessing. I now have to look ahead to this next week and all of the goals I want to reach! I am on week 3 of my post move to the US training and all is going well. I still have 9 weeks of training left, then I can evaluate where I am in terms of my running and the progress of my knee. So far I feel good about my runs, they are slow but as of now I do not have the severe pain I was suffering from these past few months. I still am going to have an MRI done but for now I am following a specific training program that hopefully will help me recover while at the same time I reach my goals.

Monday - Run 5 miles with some walking intervals.
Tuesday - Bike - 10 miles along with ST full body
Wednesday - Run 5 miles with some walking intervals.
Thursday - Bike - 10 miles along with ST full body
Friday - Run 5 miles with some walking intervals.
Saturday - Off
Sunday - Off

Daily goals to reach -
1. Drink one gallon of water each day
2. Record meals and stay within caloric range
3. Take all vitamins and supplements
4. Stretch post run/bike and ice my knee in the evenings.



What vitamins and supplements do you take? And where do you log your food at? Love your blog! I too have lost a lot of weght...110lbs!

Sara Cox Landolt said...

Drinking water takes work! A gallon. I've heard others trying for that much. I've got to work on that! I hope your knee does heal quickly.