Monday, March 30, 2009

Workout Results 3/30 -

I started off the week strong and feeling great! This morning I had a fabulous run. I ran 4 miles and walked 1 mile. My run was strong and my post run walk was better than ever in that for the first time I walked at a 5.1 mph, that was hard in that I wanted to start running but I found walking fast after my run was a great way to cool down while keeping my HR up. I kept my run steady, running at a 5.6 to a 7.5 mph. My knee felt good and for the first time in so long I had NO PAIN! Slowly but surely I seem to be getting back to where I was last year. I am off now to run some errands and get ready for my parents who are coming to stay with us for 3 days. We are excited to have our first over night guest here at our new house!! My parents will be here from Friday to Monday helping us with laying flagstone and setting up some of our flower beds. I once again have a busy day ahead of me so I have pre-logged my meals. I will need to come back and post my water for the day as well as my other goals, but as of now I have taken my vitamins and I have drank 1L of water.

Have a wonderful day!! Reach high!

3/30 - 5 miles
Warm up walk - .25 miles - 4 min
Run - 4 miles - 40.25 min (5.6 -7.5 mph)
Post run walk - 0.75 miles - 9.84 mins ( walked 4.0 - 5.1 mph)
Stretch and cool down - 4 min
Total time - 54.09 for 5 miles. Avg run pace - 10.06 min mile Avg walking pace - 13.84 min mile

Total time including stretch and cool down - 58 mins
Total milage - Run - 4 miles and Pre run/post run walk - 1 mile
AHR - 167 MHR - 193
Calories burned - 769
Calories consumed - 1,546

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