Friday, March 20, 2009

Oh my, Jen needs a rest day...

My legs are really feeling Wednesday's workout. Those touchdown single leg squats worked my glutes BIG TIME! Thanks to Cathe and STS for showing me those! I decided to take the day off and just work in my garden. I will replace my run for today with a run outside tomorrow, but I need today to recover. I feel amazing though! I am super proud that I pushed it hard and accomplished all my goals. In 4 days I worked out for 418 minutes and I burned 4,539 calories! In addition to that I logged my meals and was able to stay on track with all my meals. In summary, I am very pleased with my first week back working out since our move to the US. One week at a time, I will reach my goals for 2009!

Now, my focus must shift to next week and what goals I want to accomplish. Below is my workout schedule for 3/21- 3/28 -

Goals for the week -
1. Burn 5,000 calories
2. Drink 1 gallon of water each day
3. Take supplements each day
4. Complete 300 push ups for the week

Saturday 3/21 - 45 min run/walk
Sunday 3/22 - Day off
Monday 3/23 - AM run 20 mins. ST full body with 45 mins of cardio.
Tuesday 3/24 - AM run 20 mins. PM run 20 mins.
Wednesday 3/25 - AM run 20 mins. ST full body with 45 mins of cardio.
Thursday 3/26 - Day off
Friday 3/27 - AM run 20 mins. ST full body with 45 mins of cardio.
Saturday - 3/28 - 45 min run/walk


Jennica said...

Wow! 300 push ups in a week. That's tough work. What plan are you following to complete these? 50 a day?

P.S.P.I. said...

I ran across your blog quite by accident, but CUDOs to you my girl. I read a number of your posts, and remarked on our similarities -- I am 42, and it was a photo of myself last July where I too did not recognize the 'girl' in the photo. Since then I've lost 30 pounds and have reclaimed the me I knew. I have been ramping up my exercise - your workouts are enviable! My before and afters are also quite remarkable, so I think I have a good idea of what you feel like. I'm down to a size 12 jeans and I already feel like a supermodel. Good for you! And you're right, you have reversed your age.

brendaontheRun said...

What do you use to count the calories you're burning as I'm looking for something.

Jennifer Harrison said...

Hey Jen! Just checking in on you....HOPE you are doing well...and plugging along nicely! :) And, 300 pushups! you are a stud!

Denise said...

GREAT week!! Keep up the good work!

Krissa said...

I agree with Jennica, (which I love that name by the way) 300 pushups is a tough job! You rock :)

Now that you are back home, whip out that camera and take pictures of your crazy concoctions. :)

Bren said...

Jen - you are amazing! Look how far you have come. The best part is YOU are truly happy.

Can't wait to hear what this spring will hold for you.

Happy Spring - from my 'getting warmer' garden!