Sunday, March 15, 2009

Back to blogging...

Our move has gone extremely well and we are loving being in our new home! We are slowly getting organized and will soon be setting up our gym here at the house. In the mean time I have been using my new gym, which is just 5 minutes from my house. As I have been running inside for so long back in Russia, I am looking forward to taking my runs outside. It is important that during this busy time I set goals and stay on track with my plan for the year. I have races to run ahead of me and I cannot loose sight of where I want 2009 to take me.

My goals for this week are simple. I want to get back to posting again my calories consumed, calories burned and my overall report from the day.

Workout schedule for the week -

Monday, Wednesday, Friday - 45 mins of cardio and ST Full body
Tuesday, Thursday - 45 mins of cardio and core training
Saturday, Sunday - Off

Make it a great week! Work hard, reach high!


Krissa said...

HOORAY!!! You are BACK!

Glad the transition is going well.

Anonymous said...

Welcome home! Glad you're back.


I was so excited to see you back blogging...I just started following your blog just before you moved. Congrats on the weightloss...I've been there and know how hard it is and what it takes to keep on keepin' on! I look forward to reading about your new journey back here in the US!

Leigh said...

so GLAD to hear from you! Welcome back!

Trainer T.s Virtual Fitness said...

So glad you are getting setttled and have a gym and your goals set.

Keep it up gir, you keep so many inspired its amazing!
Hugs, T.

Jen's Journey said...

Thanks guys! It is so good to be back!

I have LOTS to accomplish this year so I better get going - April is right around the corner!