Monday, January 30, 2012

February Challenge!

This will most likely be the shortest blog I have posted in some time but I am very busy getting ready for the move which is Wednesday.  I did want to post my goals and such for the next month to ensure I stay on track.

Goals for February.....

1. Run/Walk and Bike - 100 miles
2. Complete -  2,000 pushups
3. ST - 3 days a week

No weight loss goals this month, just measuring and running. The way I like it best :)

Short and sweet......there you have it! February is all about RUNNING those hills here in Norway! So excited!

Stay the course.......blessings!


The Mrs @ Success Along the Weigh said...

Rock it girl! Have fun with the move!

Andrea Crookston said...

Love this challenge!!

Mer and Mo said...

Good luck with the move!! Can I steal your pushup goal? Maybe even just what I did on the 1st, versus on the 29th of February - thanks for the inspiration!!


Christy said...

Welcomd home my friend!