Monday, January 16, 2012

The blender hunt!!

What a day!! We are back home now and I am happy to say that after looking and looking and looking I found a fantastic blender! Now the question will be how will it compare to the Vitamix we used back in the US. I think it will be pretty close! It is a 1200 Watt Professional series and it looks great. It has different setting for grains, crushed ice, soups, etc....I plan on testing it out tonight!

I was able to get in a great workout shopping today as once I found the blender I had to carry it around everywhere including in the grocery store! There I was pushing the stroller, carrying this heavy blender and trying to roll this grocery basket everywhere with us. It was challenge and I was wondering what people where thinking as I was banging into things left and right.  I then loaded up the diaper bag, stroller and filled the blender bag up with groceries and we headed up. The hills were hard with the load, one time I felt as if I was coming to a stop so for momentum.......and let's face it,  more of a calorie burn......I just started running up the hill. So can you see me, the crazy American girl with the loaded down stroller, bag and blender running up a hill. No telling what they are thinking of me!! I was told by 2 people now that I look Norwegian and they had no idea I was not from here! I am going to take that as a HUGE compliment!! I never thought in a million years someone would think this.....although on my Mom's side, the family is from Sweden, so maybe I do blend in here.....well, except for the crazy things I do :)

I was able to find frozen fruit for my shakes though it was hard to find. We did find frozen strawberries at the Helgo store at the base of Bogafjell our new neighborhood though they were VERY and I do mean VERY expensive....about 169 Kr which is about 28.00 USD......yes, you are reading this correctly, that is 28 bucks for frozen strawberries. The bag was about the size you get at Walmart.....not the small bags but not the big Sams or Costco size bags either. I was shocked! Our new home has a large garden in the front, I may end up just growing my own berries and veggies who knows!!We have heard this store is the most expensive but they carry many international items. It is quite nice actually. I am happy there is one at the base of the hill. I went to google maps and it looks to be about a mile down from my house so it will most likely be where I do all my shopping. Great to have such a nice neighborhood store. Anyways, today I found a mix of berries at a store called Rema, looking forward to my first shake over here! I miss my protein shakes so very much!

Tonight's dinner will be a salad with beans and sprouts, along with tuna and other veggies on top and a protein shake. It feels so good knowing I am on track and I can get all the foods I am used to eating here. Nutrition is KEY for this journey. I cannot emphasize this enough. You can spend hours and hours in the gym but sound, clean nutrition is what will determine whether you reach your goals or not this year. Remember this!!!!!!! Treats and splurges are fine, but what is on your plate day in and day out makes a difference!

Have a blessed Monday! Strive for great things this week! Have your goals set, then go for it!

Here we go!! Off for a blender hunt in the city!

Kayla is bundled up and ready to go.

This is one store that is nice here, they have a great deal of things....electronics etc....

Ok, not a store to find a blender I know, I got side tracked! Look at the little doll house!!! I love it so much!! I think I want to get it for Kayla....she is turning 2 in April, wouldn't that be a precious gift! A doll house from Norway. Cannot wait to show my husband. The whole store is amazing! They children's clothes and items here are some of the best I have seen! Who needs a blender anyways when you have a ever so cute pink doll house!

This was a little area in one of the malls where you can change the babies, breastfeed etc...they had these chairs there and she was having a ball playing around.

Just finished the last part of the way home!! FINALLY! SO happy we made it. I really do have to say I love walking and shopping this way although it is making me crazy hungry :)

The loaded stroller which was my ST for today!

The berry mix I bought.....

And last but not least, the hunt was worth it as I now have this awesome blender to use when here or another European country. Who knows where we will be next! :)


Lauren J said...

I'm sure it's probably something you want to keep private, so feel free not to answer, but what does your husband do that takes you guys all over the world?? So jealous!

The Mrs @ Success Along the Weigh said...'re crazy but I love you! You do look like you belong there and when I'm tan, I'm mistaken for local in Hawaii all the time. (Also a huge compliment) $28 for strawberries eh? Yeah, I'd definitely start thinking about that garden girlie! I'd start an herb garden inside first since it doesn't necessarily have to be great weather to do that. Save money where you can! Makes my frugal wallet cry!

Deesfit4life said...

Holy cow on the cost of those berries! You are kicking butt and taking names with how much you are lugging up and down those hills of yours! I hope you enjoy your protein shake! I saw on FB that you had already made one :)

Becca's Dirt said...

You gotta have a blender so why not a workout getting one. Have fun. Looking forward to your posts. I am living vicariously through your journey there.

Lisa Bolling said...

Loving your blog!! Your pictures are amazing. It looks like the most wonderful place to walk and run.
I would love to friend you on FB but I haven't been able to find you on there.

cricket1 said...

I have so much enjoyed reading your journey & all the pictures. I also cannot friend you on face book, I do not know what I am doing wrong.
You look so young & carefree

Czesia said...

28 dollars! That's crazy! I'm making a raspberry smoothie for breakfast tomorrow! I'm going to take your words to heart, you're very inspirational!

Jen's Journey said...

Judy and Lisa,

Here is the link.......

Blessings! Let me know if you have any problems!

Jen's Journey said...

I cannot thank you all enough for your support.


Angela @ The Chicken Scoop said...

With every blog I read, I want to move!!! Sounds like you are having a great time and fitting in well!

And as for the fruit, looks like you will need to buy in bulk in the summer and freeze your own. That is what I do with blueberries. I live the next town over to the "Blueberry Capitol of the World" (supplies 30% of the world's blueberries!) so I buy a ton in June/July and enjoy year round!