Sunday, January 15, 2012

First Run in Norway....

Today was the start of something great! It was my first run in our new home country of Norway!!

We started off walking to the city center. I guess you could say this was my warm up as it was so cold....that is what we will call it! I started running as Micah walked around the town with Kayla. At first I stayed close to the center where there is a lake and it is flat, then I headed to the harbor which is also flat. Then starring at me, almost calling me where the little winding streets with all those glorious hills. I started up and felt on top of the world until it was time to run down. This is where my knees got the best of me. I did not stop as I was having too much fun but I can tell the hills are going to be a challenge for me. Not the journey up, but going down! Another thing which was hard was the cobblestones.  I remember hearing about this when I registered for the Rome marathon. They were saying do not expect a PR as there are so many roads throughout the older parts of the city that are hard to run across. You really have to watch where you are going, but I did well.

It was strange. As I was running I could not help but be overwhelmed at one point. You see,  I have run here before. Back in January of 2009, when we were moving from Russia to the US, I came here to Stavanger with my husband as he was here on business. I ran around the very lake I did today......granted I was much slower then!! There I was as happy as could be running around. I had lost my weight in Russia and I was headed back to start a new life in the US! Little did I know how my life would change. Fast forward now and I have been blessed with the love of my life, my baby girl and we are now living here!! I am also far thinner than I was at that time. I thought I was towards the end of my fitness journey but little did I know the great things God had in store for me. It just goes to show that we may have a plan, we may have an idea of what we think is perfect or what we want our life to be like, but when we honor the Lord, HIS plan is far greater, brighter and more meaningful than ANYTHING we can imagine!!!

After a strong run I met Micah at a little french cafe for a latte. There were other tempting things there but I resisted :) I did enjoy my latte however, it was so very good...and hot which was perfect as I was getting cold after stopping my run. We then shopped around town and went to a little cafe for brunch. I had a fantastic vegetarian omelet with cheese or anything crazy....however I did eat the bread. Guilty as charged! It was so good!

We then headed to the grocery store where I bought some things to make a Dahl and Salmon curry tonight!! I have to say the Dahl is cooking as we speak and it smells amazing! It is red lentils with curry spices, onions, garlic, leeks, carrots, tomatoes and celery........SO GOOD!! And I made it super spicy too!

MiMi is napping now and we are enjoying a lovely afternoon here. It is very dark out and damp. Not raining just wet and cold in the air.

Here are some pics from todays first of many, many, many runs here!! As long as God continues to bless me with health, I will do my best to make the most out of this glorious life He has given me. Thank you Lord for another day to strive for more and to lift up your name and give you praise!

 Off I go for my first run!!

 Run Jenny Run!!

Post run and super happy........and cold too!

My reward latte! That is foam on the top....just for the record, not whip cream or something crazy.  Just milk.......but it was GOOD!

MiMi and Mommy headed to the cafe to eat

Daddy dancing with Mimi at the cafe ........precious!

Our brunch which we split......a vegetarian omelet with salad and this hearty bread. Mercy it was good!

Back home with post run hat hair but proud I got out there and did it!!! Staying on track feels amazing!!


Ty Tillman said...

Oh Jen enjoy every minute. The city looks so so pretty.

Julie said...

It looks reallyu beautiful there - enjoy!!

The Mrs @ Success Along the Weigh said...

This will be the perfect place to train for Rome! Sounds like you're really settling in nicely. So not to sound stupid but I've never been there. Do these cafes and stores speak English or are you having to do charades? said...

I stumbled upon your web page a few months ago and I wanted to tell you what an inspiration you are. I recently had my second daughter and managed to gain forty pounds after my pregnancies. Looking at your before and after pictures gives me the hope that I can lose this weight. Being so out of shape and uncomfortable right now in my own skin makes for very low moments in my day. When I am feeling like that, I bring up your page and read about your workouts and goals and it makes me focused again on my own goals. Thank you for sharing your story! You really do help women like me believe in themselves.

Czesia said...

I'm so glad you got in on your run! Can I be you?!? Tell me how LOL!

Deesfit4life said...

Jenn- I love the pictures! Your new home looks wonderful and I am so excited for your family! Way to go on your first run!

momof11 said...

oh,Jen!!! LOVE this...well, heckfire,I LOVE just about everything you write. I'm so thrilled to be a tiny part of it. and super thankful that you share with us all!
So, didn't you turn into a cube of ice hanging out all that time in your running clothes? when it's cold or warm, I have to shower or at least change right away or I get chilled to the bone.
hope ya don't mind me askin'~~

Mommy2010 said...

Great to see your pics of Norway! And no wonder so much of my family moved from Bergen to here in Seattle. The weather and land looks about the same! My cousin is a textile artist in Bergen and has exhibits at the museum in Stavanger/Rohsska.