Sunday, January 15, 2012

A runner's dream....

We are back home....well our temp home in Stavanger now after a long day touring Sandnes and then taking a bus out to Bogafjell where we will be living. It is an area south of Sandnes and it is LOVELY!

My husband warned me of the hills here and he was right, they are a dream!! Our street starts at the base of Bogafjell and starts up, and then goes up and up.....winding around until you get to the top row of town homes where we will be living. It is truly beautiful. There is a dedicated bike and running path all the way into town, and for that matter it continues all the way to Stavanger which from my house is 12.5 miles!!! So  imagine heading out in the morning and running to the harbor in Stavanger 12.5 miles later.....then meeting my husband and baby girl at the train station to take the train back home! For me, this is so exciting as I love to run!! The run is also along the coast and you have a lovely view of the Fjords into Stavanger!

I could not be happier with where we will be for the next several years. Here is a brief look at our new neighborhood! More to come of course as we move in Feb 1st!!!

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