Thursday, October 27, 2011

November 1st Challenge 10/27 Results!

WOD : 4 mile walk - 68 mins along with ST

ST - 20 min fast full body set - LOVED IT! I was sweating, out of breath and my arms were shaking when done and it was only 20 mins long! No long rest, no playing around....just a good cardio ST workout!

72 Military pushups
50 Hammer Punch Lunges with 5 lbs DB's ( use when punching while during lunge and kick combo)
Cross body punches with static sumo squat - 200 reps with 5 lb DB's
DB Chops using a 20 lb DB - 50 reps
Shoulder press with Sumo Squats - 50 reps with 10 lb DB's
Jump Squats - 50 reps
Two arm Hammer Curl with Static Lunge - 50 reps with 10 lb DB's
Two arm Bicep Curl with Static One Leg Squat and leg Raise - 50 reps with 10 lb DB's

A few of you have asked what on earth are these Hammer punch lunges I talk about. They are from a Cathe dvd and are sooo good! Use them with DB's so when you are thrusting down for the lunge you get a shoulder and back workout too! Here is a clip of her Butts and Guts dvd -- look closely around 2:32 mins and you will see the hammer punch lunge in action - now just imagine it with 5 lb DB's! Its awesome!

After dinner I did another 75 pushups thanks to the motivation sent to me via Text from a wonderful friend! So my daily total was 147 military pushups.

New Totals for our November 1st Challenge -

Jen - Miles - 50.67/100
Push ups - 568/1,000

Micah - Miles - 54.94/100
Push ups - 472/1,000

My food for today was as follows......

Blueberry and coconut milk shake with Chia seeds, GOL Raw Fiber Blend, GOL perfect food protein powder

Fresh grapefruit juice, ginger and my LACV mix

Fresh spinach, cucumber, parsley and celery juice from Hubbell and Hudson

Cucumbers, homemade bean and veggie salad and EZ bread with avocado

Chia seed pudding - 1 tbsp of chia seeds, truvia, vanilla extract, wheat germ, water, strawberries, banana and apple...SOOOO GOOD!

Bison and Black bean chili with toasted tortillas and greek yogurt

My evening greens mix before bed! Sorry for the crazy nighttime hair but you want reality - there you have it. :)

My snacks today were red grapes, my teas and apple with natural PB along with some bites of my husband's pre workout snack of PB on EZ muffin and was good! Michaela liked it too!


burn the fat build the muscle said...

I think combining diets and exercised will give you better and quick results.

momof11 said...

you're gorgeous no matter what! love the 'real ' pics,too ..and that Yummy(sarcastic) looking juice,too...good thing it's good for you,right? I've got to get the stuff to make some next week...sometimes I just buy some at the store,too...not any more expenseive but i don't know how 'fresh'.

Czesia said...

You are so beautiful!