Tuesday, October 25, 2011

November 1st Challenge 10/25 Results!

Staying strong....one week to go!

Here was my fuel for today....

Morning LACV drink with RWK cranberry juice, aloe, fresh ginger...so good!

Ezekiel bread with natural PB and simply fruit jelly. Greek yogurt, Bobs high fiber blend, wheat germ, Chia seeds, Ezekiel granola and strawberries.

Fennel, red kale, ginger, beet, celery, cucumber, carrot, apple and parsley juice!

Bean and Veggie salad for lunch....details on previous blog.

Post workout snack- raw oats, oatbran, chia seeds, apple and coconut milk

Dinner was more of the veggie and bean salad, apple and 1 piece of Ezekiel bread with avocado and red onion.

More fresh juice I made today.

I was still hungry.....Protein shake with banana, strawberries, pineapple and soy milk. Protein was garden of life and SunWarrior.

Workout for today : 15 miles on the Lemond - 45:09 forgot to check my final ARPM...last I checked before stopping it was 89 but that was before my last climb.

2 min push up challenge day 2. Yesterday I did my first 2 min push challenge but I did not know we were not supposed to rest out of the upper plank position. You MUST hold the military or upper plank pushup position while taking a break from your sets. My number was much lower than yesterdays, which was 64. Today I did 51 military push ups in 1:25 mins then my arms broke to the ground so the count ended. I love this exercise and I cannot wait to see how I improve my 2 min score by December 17th which is when the final numbers are due.

After my bike ride and the 51 push ups I did a quick TRX, Medicine ball and DB workout with a few core exercises and of course more military push ups!

TRX Bicep curl - 30 reps
TRX Back Row - 30 reps
TRX Tricep extension - 30 reps
TRX Back fly - 30 reps
Push ups - 100 reps reps all military
Side planks - 30 reps
Balance Ball Bridge - 30 reps
Reverse V leg raise or  reverse scissors on balance ball - 30 reps
Standing fire hydrants - 30 reps for each leg
Medicine ball chops - 30 reps with 10 lb MB
Side MB chops - 30 reps with 10 lb MB
DB Bicep curl pyramid - 90 reps total - 30 reps of each weight set
20 lb DB's
8 lb DB's
10 lb DB's ...while walking up stairs...ha!

New Totals for our November 1st Challenge -

Jen - Miles - 29.17/100
Push ups - 321/1,000

Micah - Miles - 22.14/100
Push ups - 322/1,000


Keelie Sheridan said...

Sounds like a pretty awesome day! Get it, girl!

Anonymous said...

How did you cook your fennel? Or do you eat it raw?

The Mrs said...

You are a machine baby! Rock it!