Monday, October 24, 2011

November 1st Challenge 10/24 Results!

Awesome day. Spent this beautiful night with the two loves of my life. Workout was strong today, ate well and I feel wonderful.

Someone on FB was asking me about my meals each day so I thought I would get back to posting pics of my foods. They change daily depending on what it is that I am doing but overall, I am a creature of habit! You can be sure there will LACV drinks, tons of greens, Ezekiel bread, oats,  natural PB or almond butter, quinoa, black beans or some other form of bean, egg whites, strawberries, apple,  protein shakes and greek yogurt on most days.

Here was my fuel for today.....I was set to juice tonight but I am just too tired. Going to get in one last jar of greens after my bath just before bed. Perfect way to end the day!

Breakfast - Oats, oatbran, chia seeds, apple and coconut milk along with 3 egg whites scrambled.

 Protein shake - 1/2 scoop of each protein powder, 1/2 banana, strawberries and coconut milk

 Lunch - Ezekiel bread with 1/2 avocado with red onion and Mrs Dash fiesta lime seasoning and 1 plum.

 Snack - 1/2 pita with natural PB and simply fruit jelly.

Greens mix - Water, Pure Cranberry Juice, Aloe, HealthForce Nutrtionals Earth and Vitamineral Green, Greens Plus berry green mix

Dinner - Black Soy beans with pico and avocado.

My workout was fast, but effective. I did 4.17 miles with my baby girl in the stroller - just walking, no running today. Then I came home and did my lower body workout and the rest of my push ups.

Leg workout for today - FAST....less than 20 mins easy.

100 Full Squats.
100 Sumo Squats
100 Skaters
100 Jump Squats
100 Hammer Punch Lunges ( 50 reps for each leg)

That is it!! So simple but you WILL feel an amazing burn!! In addition to this I did another 84 push ups for my 1,000 challenge.

Great day! Loved each and every minute. Blessings to you all......

Totals as of today for our challenge -

Jen - Miles - 14.17/100
Push ups - 221/1,000

Micah - Miles - 22.14/100
Push ups - 222/1,000


Christy said...

Awesome job Jen!! I can't say how inspirational you are to me!

momof11 said...

WOW!!! YUMMY food~I have to get back to making smaller, more frequent meals. I KNOW that's what had me burning fat this summer. It's just time consuming..Just read a report from Craig Ballantyne/Joel Marion that eating carbs in the morning or right after intense workouts is the best time. And don't eat carbs with fat b/c of each of their hormone raising effects. INTERESTING!
SUPER awesome on those pushups ,Jen-I'll say it again: "I wanna be just like you when I grow up!"

kimstutz said...

Thanks for all the great pictures and ideas!