Wednesday, October 26, 2011

November 1st Challenge 10/26 Results!

WOD : 14.5 miles on the Lemond - 48:07 mins / ARPM - 79 - Interval ride today with several long climbs along with a 3 mile walk - 44:24 mins - 17.5  miles total 

ST was 100 military pushups and 200 reps of oblique and ab work 

New Totals for our November 1st Challenge - 

Jen - Miles - 46.67/100
Push ups - 421/1,000

Micah - Miles - 39.64/100
Push ups - 372/1,000

My food for today was as follows......

Egg White omelet with chia seeds and avocado along with my LACV drink

Fennel and beet juice with my bean salad from yesterday and a grilled chicken breast.

Vitamineral Green, Earth and my fennel and beet juice - no, it does not taste good! :)

Ezekiel bread with natural PB and simply fruit along with scrambled egg whites as salsa.

Protein shake with strawberries, peaches, chia seeds and coconut milk

My snacks today were a few red grapes, 1 piece of EZ bread with PB and apple with PB. Teas were White Chai, Green tea and Oolong that I drank throughout the day with my LACV.


momof11 said...

YAY!! LOVE seeing your food on here again. It gives me ideas and motivates me. I did pretty well today-I'm reaching for fat free greek yogurt when I want a sweet..
Awesome totals on that challenge!!!

Czesia said...

I love eggs with salsa! Yum!!!