Wednesday, October 23, 2013

On track....

This true actually :) Hope to start back soon!!

Doing VERY well. On track with my goals and my back is feeling better!! I went to the chiropractor again tonight and in addition to the therapy, I had acupuncture. I am sore but I know it will be worth it.

Icing my back now!! I CANNOT wait to get back to my workouts!!!!! :)

Have an awesome day!

M1 - GGMS and chia seed and flax pancakes!
M2 - same as M1 they were so good!!
MDS - Banana and PB - classic :)
M3 - Raw Meal protein shake with berries and banana

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Svandis said...

Hi, I just moved to Sandnes, and I would LOVE to know where you get most of the healthy food like chia, and I have looked all over for coconut water..Any sugestion?

Svandis :)