Saturday, July 14, 2012

Still going strong...

New July Totals - Day 14
Miles - 61.78
Push ups - 1,750
Squats - 2,407

Morning run -  4.4 miles, 41:30, AP 9:25

Core Workout - 38 mins

1. TRX pushups - 100 reps
2. Bosu Ball Cross Body Mountain Climbers - 100 reps ( 50 reps for each side)
3. Windmills - 100 reps holding a 22 lb plate
4, Jump Squat with overhead press - 100 reps using a 12 lb MB
5. Bosu Ball Pushups - 100 reps
6. Weighted V up's holding a 12 lb MB and weighted crunches - 50 reps each - 100 reps total
7. Russian Twist - 100 reps holding a 22 lb plate - 100 reps ( 50 reps for each side)
8. Pendulum twist using a 12 lb MB - 100 reps ( 50 reps each side)
9. Medicine ball pulldown with leg raise - 100 reps using a 12 lb MB ( 50 reps for each side)
10. Medicine ball horizontal chops with sumo squat - 100 reps using a 12 lb MB

Nutrition for the day -

Water - 5 liters
M1 - Scrambled Eggs, greek yogurt with flax, almonds, cashews, apple and blueberries and a whey protein shake
M2 - GF cracker with natural PB
M3 - More of the greek yogurt mix from this morning along with chicken breast baked with zucchini, mushrooms, spinach and tomato sauce...crazy good I tell you :)
M4 - Rice cakes with natural PB
M5 - Protein shake with berries
M6 - Avocado with scrambled eggs


Rebel Jo said...

WOW!!! Just disregard the comment i posted on FB about me understanding how you get ur workout in, in around 90 minutes! LOL! This workout in 38 minutes?! i really don't have a clue how u do it. maybe u should post a video, cuz u must be like on super speed like super mario brothers! i just started a blog her on blogger & i've added u to my reading list, but i can't figure out how to make ur blog title show up on my blog page like ur "i follow the Mrs." badge. how can i do that? because i want everyone to know just how inspirational u r!!! have a blessed day!!

The Mrs @ Success Along the Weigh said...

Great job girl! Keep up the great work! You must look like a blur to get all of that done in that amount of time!

Duffin Family said...

I just came across your blog and I feel so inspired by your weight loss story and desire to keep making goals after reaching your goal. You look really happy and healthy. Thanks for the extra motivation I have been needing to amp up my fitness goals!