Friday, July 13, 2012

Cathe's New CrossFire DVD!

I am sitting here this morning planning out what will be my ST workout for today and I will be honest. I feel really good but tried. I know that I have to push it today as I only have one week before we leave.  Remember the start of my 51 day challenge for the cruise? Well it is coming to an end and I must finish strong. I downloaded Cathe's new CrossFire DVD last night and I have to say it looks amazing. She always produces such killer workouts and I love that you can go to Cathe Downloads and purchase all of her dvds.

Here is a clip of the new workout......

I am always looking for new at home workouts to do so I am hoping that this one will deliver just as so many of her dvd's have done for me in the past. We are also looking to order P90X2. I will probably start this one after my marathon which is in October. I am very excited about this one! It looks so challenging. You guys know me, I love a challenge :)

What is your favorite at home workout system? Do share!


The Mrs @ Success Along the Weigh said...

Those disc thingys make me think I would face plant trying to do some of those exercises! I would have to make sure my mat is underneath. :)

We're going to get P90X2 when we're much closer to goal weight because I could tell you I'd need to modify a lot in that bad boy.

We do something similar to the P90, Supreme 90 Day and it's hard but CHEAP which I love. We also do Turbo Fire and just recently discovered Mike Donavanik who totally kills my muscles/abs!

Girls Run Faster said...

Just found your blog- AWESOME inspiration! So amazed with your journey :)

Anonymous said...

It's an oldie, but a goodie: The Firm. They use "fannie lifter" aerobic steps, and there are 3 DVD's: Cardio Sculpt, Body Sculpt, and Ab Sculpt. Simple yet effective! :)

Diane said...

Hi there! I'm new to your blog and I've found it very inspirational! I say you were planning on buying P90X2 and wanted to guide you to my website to buy it! I hope you can help me out as well because I'm also "new" to the fitness world!