Wednesday, July 04, 2012

16 days to go! Daily totals....

Another great day!! I kept it light today as I was sore from yesterday but I still managed to get a good burn overall. I did 3 short workouts today.....

July Totals - 16 days until the cruise!!
Running/walking miles - 17.7/75
Bike Miles - 6.2/50
Push ups - 500/1,000
Squats - 612/2,000

Light ST with Cathe's Cardio supersets dvd using 10 lb DB's - 20 mins - 103 calories burned

Spin bike - 20 mins - 6.2 miles, 108 calories burned

Walking on the tread - 48:29 mins, 3.1 miles, walked carrying 5 lb DB's at a 6% incline and speeds from 6 - 7.5 kph finished with pushups and MB work. Calories burned - 342
150 pushups for the day along with 100 squats ( some with DB's from the dvd)

Daily totals -
Calories consumed - 1,419
Calories burned - 558

Tomorrow will be a long walk if the weather is good! Keep pressing on!

Here is a look at the Cathe Supersets dvd. I only did 20 mins but it was amazing!

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LouAnn said...

Hi Jen, I am a new follower and I already just love you and your spirit!! I was wondering how to download the picture of the bible verse at the top of your blog. It is so inspirational! LoAnn