Sunday, July 08, 2012

Fast ST workout but one of my favorites!

On Saturday I did 2 Full body strength training workouts followed by a short walk on the tread......

ST workout 1 - 25 mins

Squat press using one 30 lb DB - 200 reps!! My highest ever with a 30 lb DB...amazing cardio effect with this! I was so tired.

Standard military push ups - 200 reps

Medicine ball chops with sumo squat - 200 reps holding a 12 lb MB

I was drenched in sweat, and it is not even hot here in Norway :) It really was a tremendous workout just short of 25 mins

ST workout 2 - 30 mins

Two arm bicep curls with sumo squats using 20 lb DB's - 100 reps. My highest ever using 20's in each hand and curling both arms together.

Diamond push ups ( no knees) - 100 reps

Medicine ball standing crunch with leg raise and twist - 100 reps for each side holding a 12 lb MB

TRX wide rows - 70 reps...aiming for 100 but I burned out so I switch to a low row for the remaining 30 reps - 100 TRX reps total

One arm DB bent over rows - 3 x 15 reps for each side using one 30 lb DB

I finished this ST set with a good 20 min walk on the tread holding 5 lb DB's and doing shoulder presses, front raises etc....throughout the walk. Total distance 2.2 km

New totals for the month - 12 days left until the cruise!!
Miles - 37.45/75......including running, walking and biking
Push ups - 950/1,000
Squats - 1,247/2,000

My plan for this next week is as follows......

Monday, Wednesday and Friday - Fasting HIIT on tread 20 mins then breakfast followed by ST full body circuit

Tuesday, Thursday - Fast HIIT on tread 20 mins followed by core work. Evening workout - 20 mins of HIIT intervals on tread or the road depending on the weather.

Saturday - Run ( if knee is ok ) if not more HIIT on the tread ( walking with DB's and incline)

Sunday - REST!! :) If the weather is good, a long walk would be great but nothing fast.

Nutrition goals for this week......

Caloric range - 1500 - 1700

Morning meals - protein (egg whites or shakes) plus carb (oats) and berries or apple
Post workout - Protein shake with berries/ banana and skim/soy milk
Lunch - Lean, chicken etc...veggies and sweet potato, squash or eggplant
Mid-day - Protein shake with water, no fruit. Egg whites and greens
Dinner - Lean Meat, Greens.....loads of them with Avocado and a protein shake with water

In between meals, green tea and LACV galore. Cucumber blended with Kale and spinach. VM Green and Earth. Red bell peppers and other veggies.

12 days to go.......I CAN DO THIS!!!


The Mrs @ Success Along the Weigh said...

You are a machine girl! I have missed your updates so I'm glad to be back in the loop!

Charla said...

This is SUCH an encouragement, reading your journey. You will probably never know how much this is impacting my life right now. Quick question: what is the ratio mixture for the LACV that you drink? Do you always drink it straight or do you mix it with water?