Monday, April 25, 2011

Just a little update....

It seems like it has been forever since my daily result blogs. Miss them! I am hoping soon I will get back to blogging as regular as I once did but for now the easy FB posting of my pics will do.

My April Challenge is still going on though it is not what I envisioned. It is far from it actually. My weight loss has slowed but that was expected. The inches are still coming off so I know I am doing something right! My runs are going well. Saturday's 10 miler was fantastic! Nice pace with a few hills - AP of 10:45.

We are leaving in a couple of weeks for our first international trip with our baby girl. This week is all about passports, id's, shots, packing list, shopping and everything else. We are very excited to show our little girl a new place one in which we love so very much.....Paris!!! She will also be traveling with us for a few days to Northern Ireland. I am sure that I will have many stories to share once we return!

And so as promised here are a few pics from the past few days of my food and a couple of the 3 of us...

At Whole Foods after my 10 miler 

The best way to start off the morning! Oats and Quinoa! 

Salmon salad with bulgur tabouli

Tilapia and shiitake mushrooms with butternut squash 

Bulgur wheat!! Love this in the morning! 

More favorite! 

Salmon salad "sandwich" 

The two loves of my life! 

Family Fun at Whole Foods! 


Christy said...

What beautiful memories you all will have!

PattyM said...

I'm still jealous that we dont have a Whole Foods or Sprouts store in ND. What do the people who work there think when you ask to take a picture of your family? :)
Could you send me the directions/ingredients how you make your quinoa and oats for breakfast pleeeeease?

Donna said...

I just love your posts. You have such a beautiful family and I absolutely love, love you attitude!