Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Another race completed.....slow, but I made it across that finish line!

Big D Half Marathon.....My 5th HM is DONE! It was slow but I did it.

It was hot, hilly and I had FUN! I walked quite a bit even walking with my husband a few times which was nice. I stopped mid race to talk with him so my overall pace was slow but still faster than the scheduled run on my training plan, which should have been 8 miles LSD @ 11:27 mm. 
There was one point in the race where I was just standing there talking to my husband. We were kissing and hugging, chatting away then I realized, I am in a race! So I said walk with me!! We walked for a bit and then he went to go and meet me at the next point. We met up several times, 3 of them walking and talking about the race....mostly about how slow I was going! He said it was the slowest race he has seen. EVERYONE was walking, sweating and not looking good. I passed by 3 runners who scared me to death. One girl was passed out on the ground, the other was sitting down with people all around her to help, and the third was leaning on a man just trying to stand and make it through the finish line. It was only in the 80's but the direct sun, mixed with heavy winds and humidity made for a tough race.  I did suffer however in one VERY important area, hydration! I did not hydrate properly and felt it came back to get me around mile 7 and post race as my stomach was cramping up really bad.  After getting some water and drinks in my system, I felt much better. 
Anyways, here are my slow splits....
Mile 1 - 10:20
Mile 2 - 10:26
Mile 3 - 10:36
Mile 4 - 10:31
Mile 5 - 10:39
Mile 6 - 10:28 
Starting at Mile 7 was when I started walking and running. 

Mile 7 - 11:39
Mile 8 - 12:33...stopped and talked with my husband for a bit 
Mile 9 - 11:31
Mile 10 - 11:38...walked with my husband
Mile 11 - 11:34
Mile 12 - 12:35...stopped to talk to my husband and take a photo, then we walked together
Mile 13 - Walked a good deal of this mile 12:13. My slowest finish EVER!
.27 - 10:20 mm


Christy said...

It doesn't matter how slow you go! You finished!!!! Plus you had fun too it sounds like! You went in knowing this wasn't going to be a PR so let the time be what it is!!! Proud of you girl!

Cheryl said...

who cares about the time...it's about the great "time" you had running and feeling proud of yourself.
Great work, no easy feat when you are a mommy with a busy little one...
Come cheer me on as I compete at provincials in Figure!


The Mrs said...

I couldn't stop laughing at the fact that you were stopping to chit chat with the hubby along the way! You're so cute!