Friday, April 15, 2011

The best chicken salad ever!

I made this yesterday and I have to say I just LOVED it!! Everyone is different but to me, this spicy and healthy chicken salad hit the spot! I do not have the amounts of the ingredients used as I was tasting along the way for flavor etc...

Canned Chicken
Greek Yogurt
Dijon mustard 
Sriracha sauce 
Chili Lime Cholula sauce 
Red Onion 
Grape tomatoes 
Turkish seasonings mix from Penzeys
Mrs. Dash Fiesta Lime seasoning 



Wendy said...

Hi Jen, I have just stared reading your blog which I am loving, tks. I am just getting ready to order the ingredients for your shakes (i.e the fibre and maca etc) I was just wondering if you noticed an increase in your hips, thighs and boobs due to the maca. I read that it can increase your fertility and some people gain in these areas. I have been taking the maca pills for the last few weeks and I do feel bigger in these areas!! Just wondering... Thanks Wendy

Jen's Journey said...

I have actually lost in those areas but everyone is different. I love the Maca as it gives me energy and it is such a powerful superfood!

Thanks for the comment!!!! Let me know your success on Maca!

wendy said...

Thanks Jen, Yes I heard good things about it too! I hurt my back a couple of mths ago and havn't been able to work out with weights or do pretty much anything really, and I havn't been able to stick to a healthy eating plan, so I guess its just my weight creeping up from lack of exercise and diet :( I will take a break from the pills for a week or so and see what happens though. I still may buy the Garden of life products though, they look interesting!!


PattyM said...

This is on my grocery list!