Wednesday, April 20, 2011

8 Miles DONE! I am happy....

Stats for todays run - 8 miles

1 Mile - Warm up slow run - 11:21

2 mile run 18:56 - both miles @ 9:28

1 Mile - Easy walk - 21 mins

2 Mile run - 20:51 - Mile 1, 10:55 Mile 2 - 9:58

2 Mile Cool down walk - 33:27

I did well today, I started off VERY slow and there were times I almost just stopped, wanting to go home. My body felt very stiff the first 1/2 mile. I started getting into a stride and felt much better after the first mile. Now, my training had me doing a 5 mile tempo run today -- 2 miles slow and 3 miles @ 9:41. I was not sure if I could do this but I started off on my second mile aiming for the pace. Much to my surprise, my 2 miles where at 9:28, better than the tempo pace my plan had for me. After the 2 miles I started feeling my hamstring and shoulder really starting to hurt, so I stopped and walked for a mile. SLOW. After this I felt much better and did not want to stop. So I started off running again. I ran for another 2 miles, nice and easy with an AP of 10:26. After this l walked a good 2 miles as a cool down leaving me with 8 miles done for the day. Now, I do not know what to call this run. It was not an LSD, it was not speed work, nor was it a tempo run. I think I am just going to call it running according to how I feel.

I did my best and I am very happy with my paces. My glut is hurting and my shoulder stiff but nothing that ice, advil and rest will not cure! My next run is Saturday, an LSD, 10 miler with an AP of 11:18.


jamie@sweatyhugs said...

Great job on the 8! Nice pace too!

The Mrs said...

Good for you! Just take it easy especially after that big race and you'll be back in tip top shape running wise in no time!

Anonymous said...

Great job running the 8.