Thursday, July 15, 2010


I woke up yesterday to do my mid July measurements and was SOOO pleased to see how much I am loosing! I started tracking my measurements the last few days of May. SInce then I have lost.....

Thigh - 1 inch
Arm - 1 inch
Calf - 1 inch
Natural waist - 3 inches
Lower belly - 6.5 inches!!!!!!

My hips are stubborn and do not want to go down but I am so happy with everything else. I am not measuring chest for obvious reasons as I am still breastfeeding. Now my mission is to get my thighs down even more this month! Maybe with all the squats and walking I can! Right now my thighs are measuring at 20 inches and I really want to be in the 19 range again as I was before I was pregnant.

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Runners Fuel said...

Thta's awesome!! Congrats!