Monday, May 10, 2010

Workout results 5/10

Getting back into the routine!! It is hard but I can do it!

Today's results -
40 mins of Cathe Drill Max DVD with ST using bands
32 military pushups
50 crunches and leg lifts

Totals now for May challenge -
Miles - 17.95/60
Pushups - 96/400


teacherwoman said...

Good for you! I just went back a few posts and looked at all the beautiful photos of your little angel! How sweet is she!

Yours in Fitness said...

Hi Jen,

I just found your blog through The Fitness Freak. Congratulations on your journey and especially the new baby girl! I look forward to reading your adventure getting back into shape. I just started blogging about my quest for motherhood and fitness if you have time to check it out I would love to know what you think.


Becca's Dirt said...

It's good to see you getting back into your routine of exercise. You must be feeling so good right now. I bet you just had the best Mothers Day ever. Happy Mothers Day sweetie.


Hey, I've been to the woodlands TX!

Congradulations on the BB, she is a cutie. And keep up the good work.

Remember, when you workout as a parent, you are not neglecting your family, you are setting an example.