Monday, May 24, 2010

Goals for the week...

Looking forward to a new week!!!! My 33rd birthday is on Thursday and I plan on making it a great one with my baby girl and sweet husband. Very low key, hanging around the house together which right now sounds perfect! My husband is still overseas and I miss him SO much! It is hard without him here, more so than ever. I cannot wait until Tuesday afternoon when I see him walking through our door and into my arms.

My parents came this weekend to help out and it was a dream! They watched Michaela while I worked out, had my hair highlighted and even when I was taking a morning nap. They also did laundry and even planted more flowers for us out in the front. I cannot thank them enough! We took a TON of photos so I will be posting them soon.

I am far from reaching my miles for the month of May. I have only ran/walked 34.64 miles so far this month. I am hoping to do another 15 miles this week hopefully if my sweet baby girl will let me! :)

My goals for this week are follows....

1. Walk 15 miles this week - 5.36 miles so far!!
2. 100 military pushups
3. ST 3 times
4. Cathe DVD 3 times
5. Stay on track with calories and log foods
6. Drink one gallon of water each day
7. Stretch and do my PT exercises for my knee each day

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