Saturday, May 23, 2015


We are spending today going through the attic making stacks of things to give away and it is bringing back a flood of memories for us. It's hard parting with baby clothes, toys and some memories from our travels.

have made a few memory boxes for super special items but still, it's so hard! While we were going through boxes, Michaela started dancing to the theme song of How to Train Your Dragon and I stopped to capture the moment....

I am emotional mess today and I am trying to cherish all I can. Seeing her little shoes and clothes is just another reminder of how fast this time goes. So happy I made the most of her precious first few years. 

Thank you God for the blessing of my family. 


Kay atGoalofLosing said...

I remember when you announced you were pregnant with your precious girl. I followed your journey, and would dream about being a mother one day, myself. Now I am a mother, and my baby girl is 4 months old. The time does go fast!

Anonymous said...

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