Monday, May 14, 2012

My 3 day challenge.....

My 7 day mini challenge is over and I did very well. I did fail to blog daily as I wanted but I will try and do better for this next challenge :)

My measurements are holding steady for the most part which I guess is ok but I wish they would go down! My arms and calfs have gone up slightly but I think that is due to my ST and hill work I began when moving to Norway. My waist goes up and down....normal for me. But it has not increased above the normal 1/2 inch up and down.

This next challenge is a SUPER short one. It is only 3 days. I will pick up another one on the 17th which will be for 10 days. But for now we are just going to focus on the next 3 days.

Here is my challenge. Now, keep in mind I am recovering from all the knee/calf stuff I have been battling so my fitness is DOWN big time from my normal routine. So I can eat fewer calories than when I was running all the time.  Just know that over the next 3 days I will not be heading out for a long 13 mile run while trying to maintain the challenge.....that would be crazy.

Here are my goals for this challenge.....

1. Daily VM Green and Earth....I always write this but for those wondering what this is, it is a greens product called Vitamineral Green from the company HealthForce Nutritionals and the second product is called Earth. More info can be found on their website.........

2. Eat ONLY fruits and veggies for the next 3 days.  NO bread, beans, cooked grains....just good fruits, veggies, nuts and seeds. Obviously no meats of any kind. Miso and other seaweeds can be added in for a veggie soup blend with veggies but nothing else, rice etc...Frozen fruits and veggies are ok but added only with nuts and seeds.

3. Consume at least 3 green smoothies a day full of fruits and veggies along with these additives that I am allowing.......

Organic Kefir
Organic skim, almond and oat milk
Bee Pollen
Sun Warrior's Activated Barley
Brewers Yeast
Maca root power from HealthForce
Greens Plus
Chia seeds
Milled Flax, Pumpkin seeds and Sunflower seed blend
Flaxseed oil
GOL super seed blend
Vega one protein powder - a Vegan, gluten free and soy free protein powder
Vega smoothie infusion protein powder - a greens mix to add to your shakes
GOL Raw Meal - a Vegan, Gluten free protein power and meal replacement

4.  Aim for at least 60 mins of walking each day. I finally got a treadmill here so I can walk when it is raining outside.......which is often :) I will have to take a pic of my new gym here. It is really helpful because when it is cold outside I can still get a run in and I do not have to take Kayla outside in the Bob and I can run while she naps. Another plus is that I can use the treadmill for flat runs and speed work which is a challenge outside due to where we live.....on top of a large hill.

5. Aim for at least 30 miles of cycling at intervals between ST sets and my walking...this is part of my knee therapy.

6. Work on my yoga and my PT exercises for my hip and hamstrings on the TRX

7. Really focus on tracking my water aiming for at least 3 liters of water

8. Consume my green and Oolong tea.........and a bit of coffee and black tea so that I do not go crazy.......see, I am human :)

9. Document shakes and snacks with photos via FB to increase accountability.

10.  No honey or other natural sweeteners other than stevia.

I have NEVER and I repeat NEVER done a challenge like this!!! I have juiced and blended before but I have always consumed oats or brown rice and beans to go along with it.

I am excited and a bit nervous as well. The reason for doing a challenge is to take yourself to a place where you have never been. To step out of your comfort zone and learn new things, I am hoping to increase my knowledge of my overall nutrition and well being while on this challenge! I look forward to giving a good report and the end of this day! Wish me luck......Day one here we go!

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Kay@goaloflosing said...

Sounds like a great challenge! Good luck!