Saturday, June 04, 2011

Update!! It has been awhile....

Sorry for the long delay in blogs but it seems I cannot find the time to sit and blog as I once did. I am trying to blog a few times a week, we will see how that holds.

So many wonderful things have happened. In May, I did quite well. My weight loss is slowing, there is no doubt about that but I am still losing inches and I will take all I can get right now! My goal is to lose another 10 this year, maybe more. After seeing some of the elite girls at this most recent Ironman Texas, it is obvious I have FAR to go...not that I am trying to go pro or anything, lets be clear about that. Just wanting to tone up which will help me in increase my speed and overall performance.

May results -  2.2 pounds lost AND 4 inches lost!!!

Measurements from the beginning of May -

Chest - 38
Waist - 28.5
Hips - 36
Thigh - 18
Calves - 14
Bicep - 10.75

Measurements as of today -

Chest - 37
Waist - 27.5
Hips - 35
Thigh - 17.5
Calves - 13.75
Bicep - 10.5

I think I am most surprised with my legs and hips. I am seriously melting down in those areas and yet my waist, or pooch area remains the hardest place for me to lose. I am going to keep pressing on though and I KNOW that soon, my hard work will pay off.

In terms of my training, everything is OFF BIG TIME!! Ever since my doctors apt for my knee, I have not ran or done much of anything. I have however been VERY strict with my diet, which is why I am still seeing good results....NUTRITION MATTERS! I go back to see the doctor on Monday to talk abou t the results from my MRI, and we will see what the next step will be. As of now he is saying the same thing.....arthritis and bone spur. But this time, he was pretty serious about my running. Telling me to cycle more and run less.

Taking his advice to heart, I have signed back up for our old gym. I love this place SO much and now that Michaela is older, I feel it will be a great and much needed addition to my fitness routine. They have so many classes there I can take, pools so I can swim or maybe just get in some weights when I want to.

Micah did such a sweet thing recently. The morning of my birthday, before my doctors appointment, he surprised me with a new Garmin 610!! I love this watch SO MUCH! He is going to take my old Garmin and use it for his training this fall.

After my doctors visit, he took me to a home fitness store and bought me a new spinning bike! We ended up deciding on the LeMond Revmaster Pro with the bike computer. This bike is no joke, what an incredible experience it is riding it. I cannot wait to rack up some serious miles on this very soon!

We have now converted one of the rooms upstairs to a gym! With the TRX, bike and treadmill, I think it is safe to say that we are good to go with everything we need for a killer workout here at home! We are VERY excited about this new phase of our journey together.  


The Mrs said...

What great results you are seeing! That's awesome! Definitely smart following the doctors advice. I hope all is well with that sooner that later and that AMAZING home gym should be just the ticket in getting you back to where you want to be training wise!

Such a sweet hubby!

The Noble Fam said...

congrats on the weight loss! im so happy for you. and you are doing it the right way too. i like your new watch. i have always wanted a garmin watch. and the bike is awesome too. i love in home gyms.

PattyM said...

Love your new gym at home! Let me know how you like the bike; I've always wanted to try spinning. We've missed you! But know you are still kicking butt and doing a great job!

jamie@sweatyhugs said...

You are still losing inches! Incredible! So sorry about the arthritis and bone spur though. :(

Very nice spin bike and Garmin! Woot! I cut back on running over the past few months and increased my spinning...and the results have been amazing!

The Clarks said...

Your home gym looks amazing. I've always wanted something like that, but I'm afraid I'd never use it. I think my kids would hound me the whole time. Sorry about your knee. I hope it's better soon.