Tuesday, June 21, 2011

June 2Oth, a day I will always remember!!

Yesterday was simply perfect. I spent the day shopping with my sweet baby girl. As you all know I have been on this weight loss journey since 2006. There have been highs and lows and yesterday was without a doubt, a major HIGH! It ended with a fashion show I was able to give my husband with all my new things, he was in shock! He said he has never seen me look this way, and in his words,  I have made it! I did it, reached a goal I never knew I could and man, does it feel amazing. I want to say this before I write another word. If it was not for God, I never would have had the strength to make it on what has been a very long but rewarding journey. He is my everything, and I want nothing more than to glorify Him in every single way I choose to live this life.

A few of my new outfits I bought for our upcoming trip

It all started this weekend as we were shopping for clothes for our upcoming trip to Seattle and San Francisco. We went to the Gap and I tried on a pair of shorts in a size 4. I noticed that they fit really well but knowing how much I was losing, I tried on a size 2 to see if I could get away with a smaller size. MUCH to my surprise....THEY FIT!! They were a little tight around my belly button, which is still my problem area unfortunately.

 I went back to the Gap and bought another pair of shorts, in a different style in a size 4, along with an adorable pair of jeans in a size 4 as well. I was so very happy!!! After this I ventured off to White House  /Black Market, which is my favorite store on earth!!! I ended up finding the cutest top, size small and two pair of jeans. A black pair of capris in a size 4 and another pair in a size 2!!!! This is where I nearly lost it in the store.  I tried on the 4 and again, they fit really well but I could tell there was room in the hips, thighs and butt area....room enough to go down a size. So I held my breath and tried on the size 2....THEY FIT!! I have bought 2 other size 2 skirts from here before but jeans are different. You have to fit them in the thighs, calves and so on. So this was a BIG first for me!

Here was the moment captured......it is a terrible photo and I have Texas 102 degree frizzy hair but I do not care. It was a moment in time that I NEVER want to forget. I love Michaela's expression..."Mommy what on earth are you doing?"

Along with these items I bought 5 size small tops, and an extra small top as well all from different designers. It was a GOOD day to say the least. I also was able to get a super cute Lucky Jeans t-shirt and shorts in the juniors section at Macys. Juniors?? Who knew! For these shorts I ended up getting a size 7/8. They fit lower on the waist and with it being a juniors size, I am HAPPY! To be able to buy so many smaller clothes from so many different brands was a huge deal for me. I never imagined shopping would feel this way again. I feel as if I am a teenager, back in high school. Its so much fun now and all the tears are ones of joy not embarrassment, disappointment and hate for the way I look.

Now, I will tell you this. I am NOT a small person. I have a long way to go....at least another 10 lbs....maybe 12. So I do not know if there was a little fairy going in front of me changing the sizes for me or if the clothes were rejects and sized wrong...LOL...either way, it made my day and I will never forget the feeling of the button closing, and the zipper going up on something I thought I would never in my wildest dreams get to wear.

I feel as if I am dreaming, maybe I am? If so, what a dream this life of mine has become!


The Mrs said...

I am soooooooo proud of you! I know how much this had to boost your self esteem. It's no surprise to anyone who has followed your journey or been inspired by you.

Don't you go getting *too* much skinnier, you don't want that unattractive "bobblehead" look girls get when they get too thin and their head is too big for their bodies! *shudder*

Christy said...

That's awesome Jenn! I'm so happy for your!!!! You are inspiration on so many levels not just weight loss!! Thanks for sharing your journey.

BrendaKaye said...

That is wonderful and very inspiring!! And size 4 and size 2 is TINY...it really is. You are a small person. Don't worry about the number on the scale because the clothes prove it. When you are as in shape physically as you are, sometimes the number on the scale is a little higher due to muscle, but the inches on your body are smaller. Congratulations!!!

Mehnaz said...

You are the cutest mommy ever!

Missy said...

Jen, you are truly an inspiring woman! I have been following you on and off, for a couple of years now, and the you are a true woman of the Lord. You have inspired me to look into clean eating more and get moving to become a healthier woman. There is a Whole Foods opening up down the street from me here in Southern California shortly. I am so excited to try to mimic some of the yummy items you have posted on your blog! Thank you, for sharing your life with us! Keep up the GREAT work! :)

Kimberly said...

You are so dedicated, you deserve to fit into those 2's and 4's! I'm very happy for you! Congrats!

Sandrelle said...

Jen, so excited for you!!!! I remember those feelings too, feels amazing after what we have been through. You are rockin' it :)

Simply Sarah said...

Jen, Yayyy!!! Congratulations on crossing one of your personal milestones!! You really are inspirational for me on my own journey. I am slowly but surely getting there. Your little sidekick in your pic is just precious! Sarah