Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A few pictures from our Belfast and Paris trip! More to come soon...

We are back from Belfast and Paris! It was a wonderful trip and there is much to share however my time this week is limited as my parents are coming in on Thursday to watch Michaela as we head out for our date night to see Yanni in concert and then on Saturday morning watch the Ironman Texas which is coming here to The Woodlands, Tx. I am VERY excited about this as it truly is a dream of mine.

I have several videos and photos to post as well as some before and after shots of our 2006,2008 and now 2011 visits to Paris and the changes I have made between these trips. It is amazing to see the difference!!!

Here are a few photos for now........

Feeding the birds at the Louvre 

Michaela soaking in the beauty of Paris with her little baguette! 

Mommy and Michaela at Jardin du Luxembourg 

Daddy and Michaela at Jardin du Luxembourg 

Versailles, so lovely there! 

Michaela wanting Daddy's latte over her bottle! 

Heading out for a run in Paris, my dream come true! Future training for the Paris Marathon I dream of doing someday soon! 

Running past the Eiffel tower. 

Our late night, jet lag Escargots! Michaela is in her pj's! :) 

A few memories from Belfast, Northern Ireland 

Our little angel sleeping on the place to France

Sleeping on the plane from Birmingham, England to Belfast

One of the great shopping areas of Belfast, Victoria center. Loved this place! 

Belfast City Hall 

Leaving Belfast to head to Paris!!! 


Lindsay said...

I snuck over after I saw your comment on NATF's page about extra photos. :-)

I have the exact same picture of feeding the birds at the Louvre (well, it has my friend in it, and not you...but you get it).

What makes you return to Paris every few years? Do you speak the language?

I've never been to Ireland, but it's on my list (especially if it has good shopping).

How long were you in Birmingham? When I lived in England, it was the one palce that I coudln't get the swing of understanding what the people were saying. Did you have that problem?

Keelie Sheridan said...

Love it! These pictures are perfection, and your family is adorable! :)

The Mrs said...

What beautiful pictures! You guys are like the picture perfect family and look how light Kayla's hair is getting! I love the pic of you two at the bench, so adorable! I also love that Kayla was chompin' on a baguette like a little French girl. So cute!

That top pic of you in the jeans made me want to walk up behind you and smack that skinny butt! *wolf whistle!*

Becca's Dirt said...

Wow what fun - Paris and Belfast. Great photos. Michaela is such a pretty baby. Girl you look so good. Congratulations on your milestone. I know you've worked hard on getting to where you are now.

The Noble Fam said...

wow im so jealous! these photos are perfect! I would love to visit there one day.

Bekka said...

Jen, these are amazing pictures! You look so happy and alive!

momof3girls said...

looks like you had a dream trip! Your work outs have really paid off -you took a rear view pic of yourself, and it turned out great! (I long for the day I can view a rear pic of me that I don't cringe! Yep! squats and lunges are my mantra!)

Sandrelle said...

Looks like a fabulous time with your cute little family. You look fabulous! :)

Marcelle said...

You are such a beautiful family!!!! So happy to read you had a great time...thanks for sharing.

PattyM said...

I am soooo enjoying these photos!

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