Thursday, June 09, 2011

Texas Ironman 2011 Video...Amazing and for a brief second, you can see ME...well at least my sign!

At the finish line with the great Charlie Plaskon! Charlie is 68 years old and has been blind since birth and has completed over 6 Ironmans including Kona! I ran so hard over to the finish line after he came through to meet him. What an honor it was to talk with him! I told him that I would be forever changed seeing him compete and crossing that finish line. I will NEVER forget this! Check out his website for his full bio and be AMAZED and inspired!! 

Here is an incredible video of the Texas Ironman which was just recently held in my city, The Woodlands. TX. Watch the entire video and then tell me if you are not amazed at all these incredible athletes! Look closely 3:31 mins into the video and there I am with my BIG pink sign cheering everyone along! You cannot see me, just my sign!! : ) I am going to watch this video about a thousands times between now and when I complete my first IM. SO motivating!!

My sign to look for in the video! Some day soon it will be me actually competing in the video not just holding a sign :) 


Keelie Sheridan said...

Amazing. Charlie is one inspirational dude! Great post! :)

The Mrs said...

Wave that sign girlie!

Donna said...

I can't stop watching this video! A bunch of my friends made the cut. The "I design space ships" guy and "The wind..." guys are from my club. There's also a few warming up for the swim, and Me! I made the video bodymarking an athlete! LOL I love your sign, "You're living my dream" -- That's awesome!

PattyM said...

Oh my gosh Jennifer - this was awesome! I loved seeing you waving your sign!!! I had to rewind it a few times to watch it over and over! This video was so inspiring!

TRIFishy said...


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