Monday, May 02, 2011

Melting My Measurements! The challenge begins now....

April results -
Weight loss - 5.6 lbs
Inches lost - 2.75 inches

Overall totals for this year -
Weight loss - 30.2
Inches lost - 13.25
Miles - 274

If you notice, I lost exactly the same amount of inches as last month BUT I lost fewer pounds! That is NOT a bad thing. It means that I am losing FAT and retaining muscle, I guess the TRX is doing its job!

Now, onto May. There is a great deal going on this month so I am breaking my challenge up into 3 parts.  I am calling the month of May....Melting My Measurements, Operation....BELLY BE GONE! I know the name is quite crazy but you have to have fun with this to keep it fresh!

Overall goals for this month -
1. Lose another 4 pounds
2. Aim for another 1 inch lost from waist and 1 inch from hips

Starting Measurements -
Chest - 38 inches
Waist - 28.5 inches**Measuring 1/2 inch more this morning due to bloating, but I am going ahead and logging it as I want to be consistent and accurate.
Hips - 36 inches
Thigh - 18 inches
Calves - 14 inches
Bicep - 10.75 inches

***I have deleted the remainder of this blog due to privacy concerns and therefore will not be so open as to my dates of travel. My Family informed me that complete strangers now know the dates I am traveling and it is not safe -- this is a crazy world we live in. I will post results when I return but nothing in detail leading up to my trip. Thank you guys for understanding!*** 


LaraG said...

Great job on the inch loss! I love the TRX too, I'm so glad to have found another fan :)

Keep up the awesome work!

mizzbrizz said...

You must be so proud of yourself and your accomplishments! It'll be easy to eat clean in Paris and Ireland as so much of what they already eat is fresh!

Christy said...

You are doing amazing! I know I can't say that enough!! Very inspirational! The trip sounds wonderful and how special it is that you can share with your little angel! I know you will finish May with fantastic results!!

Jen's Journey said...

Thank you guys SO very much for your support! ;)

Jackie said...

Awesome challenge! We share a birthday and this year I turn 30! I started my 30 days to 30 challenge where I really tightened up my eating, no sugar, etc. You are a true inspiration!