Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Going for 12 more!

I never thought I would be back to where I once was so long ago. I am very, very pleased with my weight loss so far and after thinking about where I want to be, I have decided to go for 12 more pounds this year. As stated yesterday I am hoping to lose 4 more pounds this month. I am also going to push for another 4 pounds the month of June. If I can do this it will leave me with only 4 more to go by July! After losing the 12 pounds I will re-evaluate where I am and decide what to do. I have been reading Racing Weight and the more I think about my running potential I feel that I need to lean out a bit more and once I do I can focus on toning and maintaining my weight. I have a feeling these last 12 will be a challenge to melt off. My weight loss is going very well but it has slowed down and I really have to watch my diet VERY CLOSELY to ensure I keep losing. I want to take my time losing these last few pounds as we all know the slower the weight loss, the better! I want to maintain my muscle mass while burning FAT! 

I will never be thin, all I want to be is FIT!!!! I still have a long road ahead of me but I really do feel that through hard work and consistency I can someday look back and know I did it - I finally reached my dream!

I feel strongly if I continue eating well and training for my races along with my ST, I CAN reach this goal by the end of the year!

Short term goals for the next 3 months -

May - Lose another 4 lbs and 2 inches ( waist and hips if possible )
June - Train for HM in Seattle for PR, Lose another 4 lbs and a few inches
July - Focus on ST and training for August HM


Christy said...

You can totally do it Jen! I'm trying to lose while training for the ironman. It is coming off slowly. I figure after September I will concentrate even more to lean out. But for now I'm just happy I have the strength to train and race!!

Magda said...

Hi Jen,

you mention reading "Racing Weight". Is that a book or article? Can you refer me please. I'm a HMer too and although I'm battling an injury now, I'm also working on getting leaner for my general wellbeing and also to be a better runner.



Anonymous said...

You are thin! Step back and take a look at yourself!! You look great. Don't lose sight of how far you've come. Enjoy it!

Magda said...

Hi Jen,

me back. I googled it. Wow!! Interesting read (sort of suspected it anyway but like it to be spelt out in black and white).

It motivates me even more to work at getting leaner and not just hope that it happens LOL.

Love your work and your blog.

XX Magda

momof3girls said...

Keep it up and thanks for sharing! You can do it!