Monday, June 28, 2010

Sunday Run/Walk....

Gotta make this blog fast but I had an amazing run/walk today. My knee is doing better. I think all the walking has helped a great deal.

Today my Mom was pushing Kayla in the BOB and my husband was walking with her so I had the chance to get to run and walk on my own. I had to take walking breaks every few minutes but I still managed to pull a decent time despite all the walking. I look forward to when I can run a full 3 miles again but for now the walking intervals will have to do.

Todays results -
3 mile run/walk - 35:25 mins, 11:49 mm avg pace
Splits -
Mile 1, 12:47
Mile 2, 11:42
Mile 3, 10:59
Avg HR - 162, Max 186

June Results so far....
Miles - 56.80
Pushups - 358
Squats - 1,260
Crunches - 1,000

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