Tuesday, June 01, 2010

May Challenge Results and June Goals....

I did well this past month but I need to be doing more. I did not reach my goal of 60 miles nor did I complete the amount of pushups that I wanted, though I came close with both my goals.

May Challenge results -
Run/Walk Miles - 51.89/60
Pushups 311/400

Michaela is doing very well. We are making great progress with her sleep patterns. She is learning how to fall asleep on her own and the past 2 nights she has been sleeping through the night with only one feeding in between. I just hope that it continues! She is laughing more now, which just breaks our hearts, it is so precious!

I wanted to thank all of you for your super sweet birthday messages!!! I am running behind on answering emails and comments. Please forgive me, but my days are pretty busy as of late. Just know that I read them all and it made my day so very special.

Hope everyone has a fantastic month!! REACH HIGH!!!

I need to really try and work harder for the month of June. I have found areas where I am doing well and others that I cam improve on....

What I am doing right....
1. Taking advantage of the time in the morning to walk with Michaela instead of going back to sleep while she naps.
2. Drinking my gallon of water most days
3. Consistent with pushups and ST on weight training days
4. Fruit and Fiber intake

Where I can improve this month....
1. Try and improve my run times
2. Try and get in more veggies and protein
3. Stretch! Make sure I am doing my exercises for my knee and ITB issues
4. Make sure I am logging more. Take the time to enter foods in before the end of the day.

Now that I can see the areas that I need to work on, here are my goals for this month.....

1. Walk/Run 60 miles
2. Complete 500 pushups
3. Loose 3 inches overall
4. Complete 2,000 crunches
5. Complete 2,000 squats
6. Eat 4 fist size servings of veggies a day
7. Log foods and daily results for accountability!!!

Off to work on becoming the very best I can be!


Becca's Dirt said...

You make me want to be conscious of my diet and excercise. Currently I am having digestive problems and that is controlling my diet. When I get it taken care of I intend to start my excercise routine back up. You are doing so well Jen. So glad to hear sweet updates on Michaela.

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